Kitchen Experiment #11: Cheese waffles, two ways

Cheese in waffles…sounds ridiculous ? Trust me, it works! The saltiness of the cheese marries well with the sweetness of the maple syrup and makes for a great breakfast. I tried 2 versions, one using cheese cubes and another using grated parmesan cheese. Cut the cheddar cheese block into small cubes. Set aside. Use your favorite … Continue reading

Kitchen Experiment #9: Quinoa Salad

One no-fail dish that all my kids and my husband like is my baked salmon. It is a rich dish that you pretty much have to serve with something with a little acidity to balance out its richness. Since white wine is not an option (at least not in front of the kids during dinner time), … Continue reading

Kitchen Experiment #6: Salted Toffee Cookies

My youngest son has a sweet tooth. He does not appreciate majority of the savoury dishes I make but raves about my baking…that is, as long as I use one of his favorite ingredients — chocolate, toffee, caramel, and peanut butter . Almost every day, as soon as I get home from work, he asks me to bake him some cookies. This … Continue reading

Kitchen Experiment #5 Holy Guacamole !

Our family lived in Northbrook, Illinois for close to 4 years. Our favorite Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood was San Gabriel Mexican Cafe. My husband and I would usually cap off the week with a glass or two of their phenomenal Margaritas alongside freshly made tortilla chips and Guacamole en Molcajete. Their version of guacamole … Continue reading

Kitchen Experiment #4: Biscotti

I have a handful of biscotti recipes but the Americas Test Kitchen version is my holy grail. My favorite combination is pistachios and cranberries. The only problem is finding peeled pistachios here in Toronto. It is so hard to peel pistachios so I ask my boys to help (after thoroughly washing their hands) and promise … Continue reading