Kitchen Experiment #11: Cheese waffles, two ways

Cheese in waffles…sounds ridiculous ? Trust me, it works! The saltiness of the cheese marries well with the sweetness of the maple syrup and makes for a great breakfast. I tried 2 versions, one using cheese cubes and another using grated parmesan cheese.

Cut the cheddar cheese block into small cubes. Set aside.


Use your favorite store bought grated parmesan cheese.


For a no fuss breakfast, use your favorite waffle mix. Our favorite is PC Extra Fluffy.


Sprinkle the cheese onto the waffle batter.



This is how it turns out.


I have to say that both versions were actually good. The one with the cubes had pockets of melted cheese inside when you bite into the waffle. The other version with the grated cheese smelled so good with shreds of toasted cheese. As to which is better is a personal preference. Breakfast is served!




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